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Home Automation

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Forgot to turn off lights at home and in office from time to time? Leaving phone plugged in with fully charged?
Not only this is likely to trigger security issue, but also waste a lot of electricity. In fact, Smart Home can solve these problems.

Put a Smart Home remote in your room, and control all remotely controlled devices in your room from your phone. Think about when you arrive home, your favourite TV programme is waiting for you, and the indoor environment is ready at the most appropriate temperature, how pleasant it would be!

As long as you install Entrance Sensor and Human Sensor, intruders can be automatically detected whenever there are unusual circumstances. If someone invaded, you can receive real-time alerts on your phone. With IP camera, home status can all be taken at a glance. Now you will not worry about sense of security anymore! You can't miss Smart Switches, because you can turn off lights by phone without leaving the warmest quilt in winter cold days.