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Service Type : Construction


An efficient formwork system for constructions can solve many problems in the building site and represents an excellent way to save on costs of manufactures.

Geoplast offers many products abled to realize a formwork for concrete that can satisfy a wide range of necessities: building walls, round columns, square and rectangular pillars, elliptic columns until to build an entire prefabricated house.

GEOPANEL, GEOPANEL STAR, GEOTUBE and GEOTUB PANEL are made of a recyclable plastic material that substitutes efficiently the traditional timber formwork, uncomfortable to use and to storage.

Moreover Geoplastic’s products are lighter, faster to implement, modular (so it is possible to realize pillars, columns or walls of different shapes and dimensions), reusable many times.

In addition to be a sustainable material, the plastic, of which are made of the forms of Geoplast, makes easier the formwork removal: it is sufficient to clean the elements using just a little water, without any detergent.