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Access Control security camera surveillance time attendance

Access Control & Surveillance

Service Type : Access Control Surveillance


Access Control & Time Attendance

Time and Attendance is an important part of your business process, and KEPCO is there to make it easy for you to maintain accurate attendance records.  We can capture employee swipe times from a range of supported data collection terminals, or use information from an Access system.

Once employee swipe times have been collected, the data can be used to monitor Time and Attendance information about working hours, overtime, break length, contracted hours fulfilment, lieu hours, flexi-time and working time directive compliance.
Holiday, sickness and other absence can also be recorded and monitored.


Surveillance Solutions

There’s never been a more urgent need for  security and surveillance solutions as we can’t see everything that’s going on around us, we need tools to help. Digital technology has transformed into something much robust, with software that can analyze what’s happening and proactively alert authorities when something isn’t quite right. We help you in keeping your premises and properties safe.